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Kienle, N., Klöpper, T. H., and Fasshauer, D.
Phylogeny of the SNARE vesicle fusion machinery yields insights into the conservation of the secretory pathway in fungi
BMC Evolutionary Biology 2009, 9:19

Supplemental Table 2

Supplemental Table 3

GroupRaw TreesStructure-based sequence alignments
Qa.IPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)
Qa.IIPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Sed5 (PDF)
Qa.III.bPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Vam3 (PDF) / Pep12 (PDF)
Qa.IVPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Sso (PDF)
Qb.IPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)
Qb.IIPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Vti1 (PDF)
Qb.IIIPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)
Qc.IPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)
Qc.IIPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Bet1 (PDF)
Qc.IIIPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Vam7 (PDF) / Tlg1 (PDF)
SNAPPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Sec9 (PDF)
R.IPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Sec22 (PDF)
R.IIPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Ytk6 (PDF)
R.IIIPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Nyv1 (PDF)
R.IVPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Snc (PDF)
R.RegPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Sro7 (PDF)

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