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Klöpper, T. H., Kienle, C. N., and Fasshauer, D.
SNAREing the basis of multicellularity: Consequences of protein family expansion during evolution
Molecular Biology and Evolution 2008; doi: 10.1093/molbev/msn151

Supplemental Table 1

Supplemental Table 2

GroupRaw TreesAlignmentCurated Trees
Qa.IPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Alignment File (PDF)
Qa.IIPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Alignment File (PDF)
Qa.III.aPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Alignment File (PDF)
Qa.III.bPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Alignment File (PDF)Phylogenetic Tree (PDF)
Qa.IVPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Alignment File (PDF)Phylogenetic Tree (PDF)
Qb.IPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Alignment File (PDF)
Qb.IIPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Alignment File (PDF)
Qb.IIIPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Alignment File (PDF)
Qc.IPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Alignment File (PDF)
Qc.IIPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Alignment File (PDF)
Qc.IIIPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Alignment File (PDF)
SNAPPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Alignment File (PDF)Phylogenetic Tree (PDF)
R.IPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Alignment File (PDF)Phylogenetic Tree (PDF)
R.IIPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Alignment File (PDF)
R.IIIPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Alignment File (PDF)Phylogenetic Tree (PDF)
R.IVPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Alignment File (PDF)
R.RegPhylogenetic Tree (Nexus-Format)Alignment File (PDF)

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