GrafikAAA Database

Introduction to the AAA database.
The AAA Database is a collection of Cdc48 family protein sequences classified by HMM profiles. Data integrated as of 31 December 2015
A detailed description of the Cdc48 family protein classification can be found in:

Kienle, N., Klöpper, T. H., and Fasshauer, D.
Shedding light on the expansion and diversification of the Cdc48 protein family during the rise of the eukaryotic cell
BMC Evolutionary Biology 2016, 16:215 (PubMed / PDF)

In the AAAs section of the database you have the possibility to view our classified sequences
(AAAs -> View Database) or to de novo classify protein sequences (AAAs -> Scan Sequence against HMMs). If you choose to view our classified sequences, you find additional information for each of the fields on the ViewDB site by clicking the question mark behind the field. If you choose to de novo classify protein sequences you may paste any protein sequence into the text field of the Find Motif site and hit the Submit-button. The results will be displayed shortly after.

More Information
For more information you may visit the lab page of Dirk Fasshauer.
Information about SNARE proteins are available at the SNARE Database.
For an overview about Rab proteins, visit the Rab Database.

If you have any further questions or would like to submit additional sequences to the database please feel free to write an email.

Supplemental Information
Any supplemental information of publications can be downloaded from the Supplemental section of the above cited publication.
To view the tree files in the Supplemental Data section you may use SplitsTree.

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